Grosszü­gig säen

Faith Impulse

August thoughts of Bischop Stefan Zürcher 

These days, I am reading in the 4th chapter of the Gospel of Mark. Jesus tells about the farmer who sows – and who does so on very different soils. On rocky soil, on weedy soil, on soil made hard by trampling, and on deep arable soil. It seems that the farmer does not think about the consequences at all. Nothing prevents him from sowing generously and with full hands. Let the grains fall where they fall. It will not all go wrong. Even if in some places nothing will come, in the end there will be abundant fruit. It will be worth it in any case!

Jesus himself compares sowing with the proclamation of God's word. And he describes what happens as the most normal thing in the world: Some people receive it, others do not. – Isn't that a great promise and encouragement? Carrying the good news is worthwhile in any case. We do not need to constantly question ourselves. We should rather sow generously, as best we can. The fact that something comes up and fruit grows is not in our hands anyway – or only to a very limited extent.

We have the result in our hands only insofar as we ourselves listen to the good news again and again, take it up in ourselves, give God and his reign room in our hearts. Jesus also calls us to do this when he says a few verses later: "With the measure you use, it will be measured to you, and still more will be added to you." (24) In the measure in which we receive God's word and give it space in our lives, he will measure out to us fruit and success and add to it. With such an overflowing heart, can we not cheerfully and generously sow, simply sow?

To all of us who are again and again struggling to pass on the Gospel so that people open themselves to it, to you, I wish the joyful experience of sowing generously and joyfully, richly endowed by God.

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