ESUMC Climate Care In­itia­ti­ves in 2024


ESUMC members are invited to help reduce our climate footprint, and find new ways to make good use of our possessions.

At its October 2023 meeting, the ESUMC Church Council unanimously passed a commitment to care for God's creation. This commitment to Creation Care is deeply rooted in our understanding of God's love for all God's creation and our responsibility to preserve and protect it. In this commitment, the Council encourages church committees and members of the congregation to look for opportunities to be better stewards of God’s creative Spirit and abundant gifts.

Towards the fulfillment of this commitment, our leadership team is happy to share with you the following initiatives, which shall be introduced in 2024.

  • Starting in January, we shall aim to reduce our usage of single-use cups and plates during Coffee Hour Fellowship after Sunday worship. Coffee and tea shall be served in washable cups and mugs. Children shall use hard plastic washable cups and plates for their drinks and snacks. A small amount of paper plates may be used, with the aim of recycling all paper waste. This action shall supplement our ongoing commitment to recycling all plastic packaging and drink containers.
  • In the spring, our Young Adults group shall hold a Clothing Exchange evening. Members will be invited to the church to celebrate a potluck meal, and to bring along clothing that they no longer regularly wear, with the opportunity to trade in their clothing for other items. This evening shall highlight options other than simply purchasing new clothing to replace items no longer worn.
  • In the fall, ESUMC shall organize the collection of used clothing and appropriate household items, to be donated to the guests of our Wärmestube program. Rather than being needlessly disposed, or taking up space in a closet or garage, such valuable items can be put to use by persons in our community.

As always, the Council welcomes your support, participation, and feedback, as together we seek ways to care for God’s creation by using less, recycling wisely, and sharing with others.

If you wish to engage in these projects, or have other ideas to share, please be in touch with Simone at

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